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Burgess, Ray

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Intro to Psychology

by Ray Burgess

Morris Community High School
Intro to Psychology     Course Syllabus
Spring 2010      Room 215

Mr. Raymond Burgess
Phone: 942-1294 x3215 Email: rburgess@morrishs.org

   This course will provide you with a broad introduction to the field of psychology, one of the social sciences.  The term covers a historical study of the development modern psychology.  Several different theories of human and mental development will be discussed.  The class will also cover the various aspects of human behavior – why humans/animals do what they do.*
*Note:  When studying psychology, there can be many sensitive subjects discussed.  Students are expected to treat one another with maturity, respect and should value the right to opinion of classmates.

The items listed must be brought to class everyday unless otherwise noted.  
1. Textbook: Invitation to Psychology
2. Folder w/ paper & writing utensil

Homework, Quizzes, and Tests – 85%
Term Examination -  15%
Final Grade (100%)

Make-up and Late Work:
When class is missed, you are responsible for the information and materials distributed during your absence.  The length and type of absence will affect the amount of time to make up work. Please place absent work in the bin on my desk.
I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE HOMEWORK.  You are responsible for the homework that is assigned to you.  If you fall behind, you will fail this course.  Each student is given ONE homework pass (exemption) per term.  Do not lose this!

All homework assignments will be collected at the beginning of the class period.  If your full name is not on your assignment, I will not grade it.

Class time:
When you attend my class, I expect you to be ready to learn about Psychology.  My class is not a study hall.  I do not allow students to work on assignments from other classes.  Your homework should be done at home, not in my class!
Putting your head down on your desk is considered sleeping.   I do not allow students to “rest” in my classroom.  Do something productive!  You are responsible for being ready for class each day and being tired is not an excuse (Pet peeve #3).

Food, Drink and Candy:
According to MCHS class rules, water is not allowed in the classroom.  I do not allow food in the classroom (cheeseburger, hot-pocket, nerds, etc.)!  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Bathroom/drink breaks:
Is it boredom or do you really have to go?  You will receive 3 breaks per term.

Cell phones/Mp3 players:
School rules prohibit the use of cellular phones and Mp3 players in the classroom.  Your cell phone should be hidden in your pocket. Use of such devices shall result in confiscation by the teacher and handed over to the administration.

1. Follow directions the first time given.
2. Be respectful of others
3. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings
4. Come to class with all materials
5. Remain in your seat until the teacher dismisses you
6. Have respect for school property

School Property:
Please respect this school’s and my property.  Do not write on the desks or on my walls (My gf worked hard on them!).  If we attend the computer lab, treat it better than if it was your own.  Things stay nice if you take care of them.

Grade Information:
Your grade is available on Powerschool.  I will update this weekly. If you have not received a login or password, please stop by the main office to access this information.  I do not print out grade sheets, so it is your responsibility to check your grade.

My Desk:
You are welcome to paper clips, using my stapler and hole puncher.  Please do not enter behind my desk or play with my toys.

My job as an educator is to make sure you succeed as a student and as a person.  However, the majority of your success is up to you!  If you find yourself struggling in my class, please do not hesitate to speak with me.  I am available for class-work help before or after school (by appointment).  If possible, I can also give help during lunch.

Tardy Policy:
Students will be disciplined for being late to class.  This ranges from teacher detentions to being dropped from class with a recorded grade of “F.”  In my classroom, you will be marked tardy if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

End Note:
I look forward to being your instructor for the term.  This accelerated class is meant to be a challenge.  It is my goal to make sure you succeed, so work hard.  This class will go very smoothly if you keep up with class work & pay attention in class.  The study of psychology is a very thought provoking and challenging science, make an effort to learn everyday – in AND out of the classroom!

                         Have a great year!

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