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Art Department Map of Curriculum - Ceramics 1


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4ec43778f32f1 Slab Mug Art
Abstract Coil Pot
Template Pot
Pinch Pot Pumpkins
Pinch Pot Pumpkins
Slab Mug

Ceramics 1 – Semester 1
Week 1
Introduction to Ceramics
Review of Ceramics 1 Syllabus and Supply List
Week 2
Testing the Clay
Out of the Fire Video and Discussion
Clay Quality Discussion
Create Sample Tiles
Week 3
Continue Clay Testing and Quality Discussion
Quizzes on Clay Quality and Video
Introduction to Pinch Pots
Week 4 & 5
Symmetrical Pinch Pot with Impressed Designs
Clay Stages Discussion and Test
Introduction to Organic Pinch Pots
Dale Chihuli video excerpts
Week 6
Organic Pinch Pots
Week 7 & 8
Slab Leaves – demonstration and creation
Introduction to Glazing
Week 9
Glaze discussion continues
Glaze Symmetrical Pinch Pots
Glaze Sample Tiles
Week 10
Review Glaze information
Glaze Test
Begin Pumpkin Handout, sketches and planning
Begin Pinch Pots for Pumpkin
Week 11
Pinch Pot Pumpkin formation, ribs, stem and nose
Week 12
Pumpkin eyes, lid and inside
Week 13
Pumpkin mouth and ears
Week 14
Complete Pumpkins
Glaze Leaf Projects
Begin Color Theory
Week 15
Color Theory
Week 16
Paint Organic Pinch Pots
Glaze Pumpkin interior
Week 17
Discussion of shape, pattern and composition
Create clay stamps
Paint Pumpkin exterior
Week 18
Discussion of line qualities and elements of design
Abstract Coil Pots

Ceramics 1 - Term 2
The pace and timing for Term 2 projects cannot be accurately predicted at this point due to the change from a four-block schedule to a seven period day

Completion of the construction and glazing of Abstract Coil Pots

Slab Mugs with impressed stamp design and relief

Introduction to the ceramics of Yixing, China

Design and creation of Yixing Slab Boxes

Underglazing as a surface decoration material

Use of underglaze to create pattern and accent colors on Yixing Slab Boxes

  • Unit on pottery inspired by the Ancient Pueblo People of the desert Southwest
    Video - Anasazi – The Ancient Ones
    Discussion of lifestyle, history and art from the Ancient Pueblo People
    Video – Maria Martinez
    Discussion of contemporary descendents of the Ancient Pueblo People and their art
    Design and creation of Template Coil Pot
    Discussion of the narrative qualities of Ancient Pueblo symbols
    Engobe as a surface decoration material
    Design and application of symbols on Template Coil Pots
    Clear glaze application on Template Coil Pots

Slab Lantern design and creation

Face Vessels and their association with the Underground Railroad

Glazing of all finished pieces

Set-up and Clean-up of Student Art Show

Final Exam


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