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Art Department Map of Curriculum - Ceramics 2


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4ec43a330fbd5 Throwing on a potters wheel Art
Throwing on a potters wheel

Ceramics 2 – Semester 1

Week 1

            Introduction to Ceramics 2

            Ceramics 2 Syllabus and Supply List

Week 2

            “Throwing on the Wheel” Study Guide and vocabulary

            Discussion and review of Clay Stages

            Tools and Equipment for throwing on the wheel

Week 3

            Demonstration of throwing techniques

            Focus on Centering Skill

Week 4

            Discussion and test on Wheel Technique Vocabulary

            Centering Skill Test

Week 5

            Focus on Opening and Raising the Walls

Week 6

            Practice cylinder skills

Week 7

            Cylinder Skill Test

            Introduction of Tap on Center Skill

            Footrimming demonstration

Week 8

            Tap on Center skill test

            Throwing and trimming 5 Inch Cylinder

            Throwing, trimming and cutting Candle Jar

Week 9

            Personality Mug planning, creation and trimming

            Demonstration on how to give shape to a wheel form

Week 10

            Personality Mug surface decoration

Week 11

            Discussion and handout on Glazes

            Glaze Cylinders and Candle Jars

            Test on Glazes

Week 12

            PowerPoint discussion on Pitcher forms

            Demonstration on Pitcher formation

            Begin formation of Pitchers (2)

Week 13

            Demonstration on Pulling a Handle

            Wheelwork on Pitchers

            Test on Pitchers

Week 14

            Pulled Handle Skill Test

            Pitcher formation and decoration

Week 15

            Introduction and demonstration of Bowls

            Demonstration on Footrimming a Bowl

            Glaze Personality Mugs

            Wheelwork on Bowls

Week 16

            Formation and trimming 2 Bowls, Decorative Rim and Change of Direction Rim

Week 17

            Introduction and planning for Altered Bowl

            Altered Bowl construction


Week 18

            Altered Bowl continued

            Semester Exams


Ceramics 2 - Term 2

The pace and timing for Term 2 projects cannot be accurately predicted at this point due to the change from a four-block schedule to a seven period day


Glazing of Pitchers


Glazing of Bowls


Traditional Rose Jar

Introduction and Demonstration

Sgraffito and Engobe as Surface Decoration

Calipers and Lid Formation

Design and Creation of Rose Jar

            Rose Jar Test

Flat Inset Jar

            Introduction and Demonstration

            Themes and their use in Art

            Design and Creation of Flat Inset Jar

            Flat Inset Jar Test

Curved Inset Jar

            Introduction and Demonstration

            Where the Wild Things Are as a theme

            Design and creation of Curved Inset Jar

            Discussion of theme design, unity and functional handles

            Curved Inset Jar Test

Flanged Jar

            Discussion of Traditional Japanese Garden Lanterns

            Introduction and Demonstration

            Design and Creation of Flanged Jar

            Negative Space, Relief and Added Footrim

            Flanged Jar Test

Recessed Knob Jar

            Introduction and Demonstration

            Design and Creation of Recessed Knob Jar

            Recessed Knob Jar Test


Glazing of all Lidded Vessels


Set-up and Clean-up of Student Art Show


Final Exam


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