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Contact Us

General Contact Numbers

Regular office hours during the school year are 7:20am to 3:20pm.

  Phone Number Fax Number
Athletic Office 815-941-5361 815-941-5404
Attendance Line 815-941-5450  
District #101 Office 815-941-5327 815-941-5407
Guidance Office 815-941-5336 815-941-5414
Main Office 815-942-1294 815-941-5405
Maintenance Office 815-941-5334 815-941-5403
Media Center 815-941-5328 815-941-5409
Morris Rec Center               815-941-5358  
Safe School Hot Line 815-941-5401  
School Nurse 815-941-5339 815-941-5309




Click on name to e-mail individual.

All extensions can be reached by using the dial by name directory through the main school phone number: (815) 942-1294


  Anderson, Keith   Social Science x5224 kanderson@morrishs.org
  Auwerda, Dave   Social Science x5303 dauwerda@morrishs.org
  Babson, Derek   Guidance x5324 dbabson@morrishs.org
  Bamonte, Jennifer   English x5404 jbamonte@morrishs.org
  Battersby, Ryan   Special Ed x5429 rbattersby@morrishs.org
  Bernardi, Becky   English x5208 bbernardi@morrishs.org
  Blumberg, Joe   Science x5119 fblumberg@morrishs.org
  Brodbeck, Jodi   Science x5205 jbrodbeck@morrishs.org
  Brown, Benjamin   Choir x5129 bbrown@morrishs.org
  Burgess, Ray   Social Science x5215 rburgess@morrishs.org
  Carr, Amy   English x5217 acarr@morrishs.org
  Costello, Aimee   English x5211 acostello@morrishs.org
  Courter, John   English
x5210 jcourter@morrishs.org
  Dillard, Stacy   PE x5393 sdillard@morrishs.org
  Dite, Lori   Special Ed Administrator x5456 ldite@morrishs.org
  Dow, Carolyn   Science
x5116 cdow@morrishs.org
  Edwards,Brenda   Math x5122 bedwards@morrishs.org
  Farrell, Jeremiah   Assistant Principal x5342 jfarrell@morrishs.org
  Feece, Brock   Band Director x5306


  Fritchtnitch, Tammy   Family Cons. Sci x5301 tfritcht@morrishs.org
  Grabowski, Leigh Ann   Foreign Language x5127 lgrabowski@morrishs.org
  Gugerty, D'Anna   English x5202 dgugerty@morrishs.org
  Gustafson, Andrea   English x5141 agustafson@morrishs.org
  Halloran, Dr. Patrick   Superintendent 941-5326 phalloran@morrishs.org
  Hansen, Ryan   Science x5127 rhansen@morrishs.org
  Higgins, Zan   Family Cons. Sci x5152 zhiggins@morrishs.org
  Hipes, Lisa   Bookkeeper 941-5332 lhipes@morrishs.org
  Howell, Scott   Special Ed x5227 showell@morrishs.org
  Huettemann, Steve   School Resource officer x5401 shuettemann@morrishs.org
  Hussey, Kelly   Principal 941-5329 khussey@morrishs.org
  Johnson, Jeffrey   Athletic Director 941-5335 jjohnson@morrishs.org
  Kein, Todd   English x5219 tkein@morrishs.org
  Lafond, Taylor   PE / Health x5307 tlafond@morrishs.org
  Lanning, Jon   Social Science x5213 jlanning@morrishs.org
  Larsen, Greg   PE / Drivers Ed x5390 glarsen@morrishs.org
  Lauterbach, Sarah   Assistant Principal Secretary x5341 slauterbach@morrishs.org
  Ledvina, Tyla   Principal Secretary x5413 tledvina@morrishs.org
  Lee-Pluskota,  Elizabeth   Social Worker 941-5333 elee@morrishs.org
  Lincoln, Diane   Foreign Language
x5343 dlincoln@morrishs.org
  Lowery, Jen   Special Ed x5225 jlowery@morrishs.org
  Lutz, Stephen   Building & Grounds Director 941-5334 sjlutz@morrishs.org
  Masterson, Joseph   Foreign Language   jmasterson@morrishs.org
  Matteson, Kay   Guidance Secretary 941-5336 kmatteson@morrishs.org
  Mistretta, Cecilia   Science x5201 cmistretta@morrishs.org
  Montero, Jane   Maintenance Secretary x5305 jmontero@morrishs.org
  Morrison, JD   Technology Director x5374 jmorrison@morrishs.org
  Morrison, Tiffany   Media Center Secretary x5222


  Muntz, Michael   Social Science x5427 mmuntz@morrishs.org
  Neuhalfen, Sheila   Social Worker x5395 sneuhalfen@morrishs.org
  O'Malley, Kim   Math x5131 komalley@morrishs.org
  Ortega, Becky   Foreign Language x5204 bortega@morrishs.org
  Ortiz, Craig   Math x5130 cortiz@morrishs.org
  Peterson, Mary Ann   Special Ed x5350 mpeterson@morrishs.org
  Porter, Kristen   Special Ed x5228 kporter@morrishs.org
  Porth, Andrew   Special Ed x5456 aporth@morrishs.org
  Rath, Barbara   Business x5133 brath@morrishs.org
  Schutter, Eva   ESL & English  x5123 eschutter@morrishs.org
  Shannon, Samantha   Math x5124 sshannon@morrishs.org
  Sharp, Amber   Athletic Secretary 941-5361 asharp@morrishs.org
  Simpson, Kelli   Library Services x5328 ksimpson@morrishs.org
  Steffes, Tracy   Nurse 941-5339 tsteffes@morrishs.org
  Swihart, Sharon   Math
x5126 sswihart@morrishs.org
  Thorson, Alan   PE / Health x5317 athorson@morrishs.org
  Tooley, Michaeline   Superintendent/BOE Secretary 941-5327 mtooley@morrishs.org
  Tripp, Ryan   Math x5391 rtripp@morrishs.org
  Vaksdal, Lisa   Cafeteria Manager 941-5302 lvaksdal@morrishs.org
  Vicich, Ashley   Art Department x5406 avicich@morrishs.org
  Voitik, Tracie   Guidance Counselor 941-5331 tvoitik@morrishs.org
  Williamson, Joshua   Guidance Counselor 941-5323 jwilliamson@morrishs.org
  Wills, Heather   Math


  Wills, Laura   English x5206 lwills@morrishs.org
  Windy, Luke   Business / Drivers Ed. x5135 lwindy@morrishs.org
  Wodziak, John   Business x5137 jwodziak@morrishs.org
  Zarley, Angela   Science x5121 azarley@morrishs.org
  Zomboracz,Laura   Science x5125 lzomboracz@morrishs.org

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