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Organizational Awards Program at Morris HS

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, classes at Morris Community High School recognized the department and organization award winners. Each department selected a senior student based on their leadership throughout the year. 







Aidan Connor


Molly Fisher

Social Studies

Margaret Dudley


Isabella Prignano


Christian Riggs

Foreign Language

Kaitlynn Baxa

Physical Education/Health/Driver Education

Payton Cummings


Adam Thomson


Mia Warzynski

Family & Consumer Sciences

Zachary Sater





Organization / Club



Mathlete Coaches Award Winners:

      Freshman: Blake Barth

      Sophomore: Charles Pascual

      Junior: Michael Escobedo

      Senior: Kaitlynn Baxa, Ella Ferguson, and Isabella



Four-Year Mathlete Award Recipients:

      Kaitlynn Baxa

      Margaret Gile

      Samuel Jacobson

      Isabella Prignano

      Nolan Robbins



Athletics—J.S. Crabtree

A football and basketball player recognized for academic achievement, extracurricular participation, and sportsmanship

Football: Dylan Swartz

Basketball: Jacob Overbeck  

Athletics—William R. Ferguson

Senior male & female honored for representing MCHS with outstanding sportsmanship, achievement, and dedication

Jacob Overbeck  

Olivia Schultz

Athletics—"It Takes More To Be a Redskin"

This award is given to all student-athletes that competed in 3 sports this year.

Chatten Dryfhout

Logan Edwards

Claire Gugerty

Ryan Lain

Jacob Overbeck  

Tyler Petty

Nolan Robbins

Olivia Schultz

Speech, Drama Club

Speech Team:

    Team Champion: Margaret Dudley

    Best Supporting Team Member: Tyler Mroczek

    Top Novice: Nicholas Russell

Drama Club:

    Best Thespian: Margaret Dudley    

Conference Art Show

3rd place: Emily Backus


Chloee Hansen, Sydney Trotter, and Alexandria Binder



   Arion Music Award: Margaret Gile and Kristin Serena

    National High School Choral Award: Zita Goebel


    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Margaret Dudley


    John Philip Sousa Band Award: Kaitlynn Baxa

National Honor Society

NHS Seniors:

    Vivian Alford

    Kaitlynn Baxa

    Alexandria Binder

    Abbie Borgstrom

    Margaret Dudley

    Mackenzie Eber

    Logan Edwards

    Ella Ferguson

    Molly Fisher

    Margaret Gile

    Claire Gugerty

    Grace Larson

    Patrick McCabe Jr

    Gina Misek

    Hannah Mueller

    Madelyn Olson

    Maria Peterson

    Isabella Prignano

    Christian Riggs

    Nolan Robbins

    Krista Runchey

    Kristin Serena

    Jocelyn Wren