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Committees/Discussion Groups

by Kelly Hussey

Parents and Teachers,
The following is a brief description of committee's and discussion groups that are currently in-place at Morris Community High School. Along with the description of each is an indication of the potential opportunity for stakeholder participation. Please familiarize yourself with these groups, and make the appropriate contacts if you are interested in knowing more or to submit your name for consideration as a future participant.
MCHS Principal

Rising Star Leadership Team
The RSLT is the primary district level school improvement committee responsible for assessing the overall effectiveness of all aspects of our curricular development, teaching strategies, and student achievement. Through the collection and use of various data sets, this team draws conclusions while using some of the most recent education research available in order to define objectives and tasks designed to advance initiatives toward improvements in curriculum, teacher delivery, and student success. Although guests are welcome, interested persons must first contact the MCHS Principal. Please call the high school main office at (815) 942-1294.

Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee
In an attempt to involve representation from all of our direct stakeholders, the PTAC invites students, parents, and teachers to participate in discussions concerning school discipline, and related topics, in order to find ways to best manage the issues that sometimes prove damaging to our school's mission. Led by our Assistant Principal, a meeting schedule is set-up for the calendar year, agenda items are designed with input from survey information and stakeholder suggestions, and final recommendations are proposed for consideration by the school administration and the current school board. Although we maintain moderate membership numbers, parents, students, and teachers who express interest prior to the start of any new school year, will be contacted to fill available committee positions. Please contact us at (815) 942-1294.

Department Chairpersons Committee
Each departmental area is represented by a Department Chair who requested consideration, and was then selected to serve in this role on behalf of their department. Led by the building principal, this group meets on pre-determined schedule of dates each year to discuss issues, review school improvement information, and set department goals according to current school improvement goals (Rising Star Leadership Team goals). In order to accomplish this, they lead their department in the completion of curriculum review cycle requirements, discovery of critical decisions as demonstrated by data on student achievement that originates from local, state, and national assessments, budgetary issues and goals, potential uses of current technology, and more. Although this committee is self-contained and not open to additional members, the Principal draws from all sources to bring necessary facts and ideas to the table.

Multi-Tiered System of Support Team/MTSS (previously RtI Team)

Multi-Tiered System of Support Team is made up of the dean of special populations, assistant principal, guidance counselors, social workers, school nurse, school psychologist, curriculum director, reading specialist, and general education RtI teacher(s), as needed. The goal of the team is to identify general education students requiring additional academic or behavioral supports to succeed in the general education environment. The team identifies and implements supports to be given and monitors the success of those supports.

Joint Committee
By law, Illinois schools are required to initiate a Joint Committee in order to create and implement the required Student Growth portion of the Illinois Performance Evaluation Review Act (PERA). This committee is required to have equal representation between the school districts administration and teaching faculty. As such, our current committee consists of the current Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, and three MHSEA Officers. This committee will be a standing committee whose membership will change only as administrators and/or MHSEA Officers change over time.

Morris Principals Committee:
This committee is made up by the current standing Principal's in each our Morris Schools including; Morris Community High School/District 101, Immaculate Conception Grade School, Nettle Creek Grade School/CCSD 24, Saratoga Grade School/District 60c, and Morris Elementary/District 54. These meetings are designed to lead the articulation efforts between our schools such that our educational efforts might be collaborative and transparent. Collectively, these schools impact the education and future success of every Morris youth.

Technology Committee
The technology committee at Morris Community High School brings together the administration, technology department, technology integration department, media department, curriculum department, and school board to discuss the future of technology at the high school. The group meets biannually discussing the goals and progress of these various departments, and how each piece comes together for the district wide technology plan.

Additional Committees/Discussion Groups:
Many additional short term committees are set-up from time-to-time in order to address specific needs or concerns that arise. Although these are typically designed to solicit ideas and solutions from current faculty, staff, and administration, these same topics often become agenda or discussion items on other standing committee meeting agendas. In this way, we are able to reach out and receive a broader spectrum of thoughts. Recent examples of Additional Committees/DIscussion Groups include;
- The Formative Assessment Team completed the task of training and implementing our school-wide Redskin writing rubric, and leading us into improvements in our school's overall assessment process. Upon closing the need for this team our district is left with a annual assessment calendar and both the required and recommended assessments for all teachers/all classes. Added to this is our newly acquired levels of expertise in the creation and use of both formative and summative assessment types, and the clarity in practice for using data and making data involved decisions.
- The M Squad was in place to address small teacher level issues before they could become larger issues. Made up of the Principal, Assistant Principal, one Counselor, the current Teachers Union President, and one additional volunteer Teacher, it was disbanded during the 2015-16 school year when the overwhelming feeling of all team members agreed that it had run its course since we no longer had issues to discuss that were actually causing problems for the heavy majority of our teachers. This is clearly a team that may be reinvented when the need arises.
- The Energy Bus Discussion Groups: Chief Energy Officers, Curriculum Cavaliers, and Rule Righters. These groups were formed to address concerns brought up from our most recent state 5 Essentials Climate Survey results. The consensus from these discussions have already brought about new initiatives concerning team building, rule application consistency, and ideas about freshmen transition activities.
- MCHS Grading Policy Discussion Group: ongoing discussion concerning Rank in Class, the weight of final exams, and the future possibility of Standards Based grading. (This brought about our BOE adopted change to no longer report class rank beginning with the graduating Class of 2018.)
- Possible Changes to Parent-Teacher Conference Format (this discussion took into account parent concerns and comments, and teacher availability and created a change that began with our 2013-14 October conferences.)
- Transition to Change Committee (successfully brought MCHS into it's current 7 period day schedule structure.)