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School Improvement Plan

Ongoing school improvement initiatives at MCHS are the task of our Rising Star Leadership Team.  Annually, this team looks at a combination of school improvement indicators through the Illinois Interactive Report Card, assessment data from state and local sources, and additional research on "best practices in education" in order to discover areas for improvement and write appropriate and attainable goals for the year.  Below is the list of board approved goals for the current school year, along with a link to view MCHS on the Illinois Interactive Report Card webpage.

2018-19 Goals:

Topic:  Future Device Deployment (1:1)

  • Using Rising Star Indicators TL9 = All teachers incorporate the use of technology in their classrooms when it enhances instruction and builds 21st Century Learning Skills, and Indicator C114 = The district provides and maintains for schools the technology, training, and support needed for effective application of assistive technology.

Rising Star Proposes the following goal statement:

GOAL #1: Work within the constraints of the district budget to achieve 100% student access to reliable device use in ways that will elevate teaching and learning at MCHS.  

  • Tasks 1:  Identify and promote classroom use of the 21st century technology skills and/or tools that will best prepare students for post-high school success.
  • Task 2:  Provide ongoing teacher professional development to prepare teachers for the appropriate use of higher levels of student work with technology using the SAMR model as a guide.
  • TASK 3: Create policy and procedures that address all things 1:1.

Lead Team Member(s) Assigned = Dave Auwerda and Greg Larsen (Co-leaders), with committee members; Scott Howell, Amy Carr, and Lori Dite

Topic:  Start Time with built in Teacher Collaboration

  • Using Rising Star Indicators IC07 = Professional development is built into the school schedule by the district, but the school is allowed discretion in selecting training and consultation that fit the requirements of its improvement plan and its evolving needs,and Indicator ID13 = Instructional Teams meet for blocks of time sufficient to develop and refine units of instruction and review student learning data.

Rising Star Proposes the following goal statement:

GOAL #2: Determine if there is a possibility to adjust the current school schedule to create an environment that is best suited with a common time for teacher collaboration, and that might benefit students in the areas of personal health, academics, and attendance.      

  • Task 1:  Create a schedule with a later start time to provide a common teacher collaboration time by shortening lunch periods and overlapping the class period that revolves around lunch (currently 5A/5B, but could be 4A/4B based on best time of day).
  • Task 2: Work to design a teacher meeting structure and department goals for collaboration that are clear and measurable.
  • Task 3:  Create a side-by-side schedule that creates latitude for student organizations to still meet in the morning before school.  
  • Task 4: Determine issues and possible solutions to Shared Bussing, GAVC.
  • Task 5: Present at a full faculty meeting for discussion and final approval given by the MCHS teaching faculty.

Lead Team Member(s) Assigned = Craig Ortiz, Derek Babson, and John Courter, Ryan Hansen

Topic:  Team School Visit to look at how other schools are moving into Standards Based Grading or Project Based Learning.

GOAL #3: Select one to two schools to visit in order to witness how they are moving into areas like Standards Based Grading or Project Based Learning in order to determine if similar applications of their current plans would create ongoing improvements in student achievement at MCHS.

  • Task 1:  Determine the school(s) we would like to send a team visit to based on their current initiatives in the areas of SBG or PBL.  
  • Task 2:  Determine the size and scope of the team(s) that will be sent on visit(s) including how team members are selected with consideration given to who those Rising Star team members that may join this team for the upcoming 2019-20 school year.  
  • Task 3:  After visiting, determine the future impact of possible implementation ideas that arise from team visits in areas like curriculum, grading, and assessment at Morris Community High School, especially with regard to the impact of change in any or all of these areas on each different department.

Lead Team Member(s) Assigned = Amy Carr, Kelly Hussey, Ryan Hansen

To view the MCHS School Report Card web page visit