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Science Class Information

Earth and Environmental Science Honors
Earth Systems

Hello MCHS Community,


I have had many experiences in my career journey since 1990.  I worked as a science teacher at St. Patrick’s High School in Chicago, Lincoln-Way High School in Frankfort, and left education for six years for the private sector.  I am so blessed that fate brought me back to teaching and to Morris Community High School since 2006.  


The science curriculum I develop is directed toward investigative processes designed to meet the individual needs and abilities of MCHS students.  I believe the value of an experience for a student is not exclusively linked to a specific content or process, but also to the quality of the experience.  I believe enthusiastic teachers instilling vitality for learning is a most important guiding principle.  I want the students to love science.


I cherish the individual differences and the particular strengths of the MCHS students and respect them for their individual differences. I strive to work with each student to help them realize their potential, and encourage each student to respect their uniqueness.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to my email if you have any questions.



Students will:

  • develop an understanding of the fundamental laws of our universe and how these laws govern the phenomena they encounter everyday;
  • develop an understanding of how science and technology impact their lives acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be well-informed citizens, be prepared for college and careers, and understand and appreciate the scientific enterprise;
  • develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to improve and protect the environment.

Students engage in scientific inquiry in the laboratory to:

  • observe, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world
  • generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations
  • participate productively in scientific practices and academic discourse
  • understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge
  • appreciate the historical contributions of scientists