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Personal Page

I am LeighAnn Grabowski and I will be teaching Spanish 1, 2 and 3H this year.  I will be starting my 10th year here at MCHS and I also sponsor Spanish Club. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I am available before or after school for additional help.
My Schedule 2021-2022:
1st Hour - Spanish 3H - Room 133
2nd Hour -Spanish 1 - Room 133
3rd Hour - Spanish 1 - Room 133
4th Hour - Planning - Room 133
5th Hour - Spanish 2 - Room 133
6th Hour - Study Hall - Room 133
7th Hour - Spanish 2 - Room 133
Supplies for Spanish 1, 2, 3H: 
4 Dry Erase Markers (For daily personal use and replaced when markers run out)
Binder or Folder (For personal organization)
Pencil Pouch and writing utensils (To hold dry erase markers so students have them with them daily)
Web Sites used in class: