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Looking Ahead to January

Dear MCHS Families,
As we look ahead to January, our plan at MCHS is to continue with our current A/B hybrid model until such time that a change is appropriate.  An updated copy of our plan is attached, with revisions noted in red.
In order for us to plan effectively, we will assume that each student plans to stay on their current model -- either fully remote or attending in-person on alternating days.  If that is accurate, you do NOT need to contact the school.
If you wish for your child(ren) to change from fully remote to in-person (or vice-versa) starting in January, please contact Mr. Gourley, principal, at by Friday, December 18 to indicate that.
As the first semester draws to a close, please note that, in lieu of exam days, we have designated Dec. 16 as an A Day, Dec. 17 as a B Day, and Dec. 18 as a fully remote day for all students.  
Please stay tuned to further details for how students who are fully remote can drop off their books if they are in a course that is ending.  This drop-off must happen no later than the afternoon of December 18.
Please be advised that we are still working through a backlog of Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) students.  For students to be scheduled into BTW, they must have passed at least five courses during the previous semester.
Finally, please encourage your children to schedule time with their teachers for afternoon instructional support (remote or in-person), if needed.  We understand that these continue to be difficult times for everyone, and our staff remains committed to providing support.
Thank you, and have a great weekend!
Craig R. Ortiz, Ed.D.
Morris Community High School District 101

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