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By Trotter, Corri
General Contact Numbers
Regular office hours during the school year are 7:20am to 3:20pm.
  Phone Number Fax Number
Athletic Office 815-941-5361 815-941-5404
Attendance Line 815-941-5450  
District #101 Office 815-941-5327 815-941-5407
Guidance Office 815-941-5336 815-941-5414
Main Office 815-942-1294 815-941-5405
Maintenance Office 815-941-5334 815-941-5403
Media Center 815-941-5328 815-941-5409
Morris Rec Center               815-941-5358  
Safe School Hot Line 815-941-5401  
School Nurse 815-941-5339 815-941-5309

Click on name to e-mail individual.

All extensions can be reached by using the dial by name directory through the main school phone number: (815) 942-1294
Anderson, Keith Social Science x5224
Auwerda, Dave Social Science x5303
Babson, Derek Guidance x5324
Bamonte, Jennifer English x5404
Battersby, Ryan Special Ed x5429
Bernardi, Becky English x5208
Blumberg, Joe Science x5119
Brodbeck, Jodi Science x5205
Brown, Benjamin Choir x5129
Burgess, Ray Social Science x5215
Carr, Amy English x5217
Costello, Aimee English x5211
Courter, John English
Dillard, Stacy PE x5393
Dite, Lori Special Ed Administrator x5456
Dow, Carolyn Science
Edwards,Brenda Math x5122
Farrell, Jeremiah Assistant Principal x5342
Feece, Brock Band Director x5306

Fritchtnitch, Tammy Family Cons. Sci x5301
Grabowski, Leigh Ann Foreign Language x5127
Gugerty, D'Anna English x5202
Gustafson, Andrea English x5141
Halloran, Dr. Patrick Superintendent 941-5326
Hansen, Ryan Science x5127
Higgins, Zan Family Cons. Sci x5152
Hipes, Lisa Bookkeeper 941-5332
Howell, Scott Special Ed x5227
Huettemann, Steve School Resource officer x5401
Hussey, Kelly Principal 941-5329
Johnson, Jeffrey Athletic Director 941-5335
Kein, Todd English x5219
Lafond, Taylor PE / Health x5307
Lanning, Jon Social Science x5213
Larsen, Greg PE / Drivers Ed x5390
Lauterbach, Sarah Assistant Principal Secretary x5341
Ledvina, Tyla Principal Secretary x5413
Lee-Pluskota,  Elizabeth Social Worker 941-5333
Lincoln, Diane Foreign Language
Lowery, Jen Special Ed x5225
Lutz, Stephen Building & Grounds Director 941-5334
Masterson, Joseph Foreign Language
Matteson, Kay Guidance Secretary 941-5336
Mistretta, Cecilia Science x5201
Montero, Jane Maintenance Secretary x5305
Morrison, JD Technology Director x5374
Morrison, Tiffany Media Center Secretary x5222

Muntz, Michael Social Science x5427
Neuhalfen, Sheila Social Worker x5395
O'Malley, Kim Math x5131
Ortega, Becky Foreign Language x5204
Ortiz, Craig Math x5130
Peterson, Mary Ann Special Ed x5350
Porter, Kristen Special Ed x5228
Porth, Andrew Special Ed x5456
Rath, Barbara Business x5133
Schutter, Eva ESL & English  x5123
Shannon, Samantha Math x5124
Sharp, Amber Athletic Secretary 941-5361
Simpson, Kelli Library Services x5328
Steffes, Tracy Nurse 941-5339
Swihart, Sharon Math
Thorson, Alan PE / Health x5317
Tooley, Michaeline Superintendent/BOE Secretary 941-5327
Tripp, Ryan Math x5391
Vaksdal, Lisa Cafeteria Manager 941-5302
Vicich, Ashley Art Department x5406
Voitik, Tracie Guidance Counselor 941-5331
Williamson, Joshua Guidance Counselor 941-5323
Wills, Heather Math

Wills, Laura English x5206
Windy, Luke Business / Drivers Ed. x5135
Wodziak, John Business x5137
Zarley, Angela Science x5121
Zomboracz,Laura Science x5125