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My name is Mrs. María Teresa Iglesias. I'm from Puerto Rico.  I am starting my 6th year of teaching at MCHS and 16 year overall as a Spanish teacher. I will be your son/daughter Spanish Teacher this School year 2023-2024. I am looking forward to an exciting year. My goal as a Teacher is provide all students an educationally challenging, yet fun, experience in my class.
I have extremely high expectations of all my students. I am asking for your help to maintain those expectations by checking with your son/daughter periodically to make sure that his/her work is being done.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I am available to help students individually before school, during my office hours, and after school.


Let's go!!


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María Teresa Iglesias-Pena
Spanish Teacher
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815-942-1294 Ext. 5135
1st Hour: Spanish 2R
2nd Hour: Study Hall
3rd Hour: Spanish 3H
4th Hour: Spanish 2R
5th Hour: Spanish HS 2
6th Hour: Planning
7th Hour: Spanish 2R
Room: 135