Return to Full Days on March 8

Good evening, MCHS Families,
I am happy to report our intent to bring students back for full days starting Monday, March 8.  This is anticipated to closely align with several area schools, and we are hopeful that this schedule will take us through the end of the school year.
By full days, I mean our normal bell schedule of 7:40 to 2:55, with 50-minute classes and lunch.  For students who attend GAVC, plans are underway to accommodate the changes that each school is making to the best extent possible.
This change means that our teachers will no longer have afternoon time available to meet with students individually.  We realize that some students have a legitimate reason for staying remote for the rest of the year.  However, for those who do not, we highly encourage students to come back in-person.  It is in their best interest academically to be at school, if possible.
Regardless of your student's current status, we ask that everyone please complete this brief survey to let us know your selection (in-person or remote) for your children, to take effect on March 8.  The survey allows for up to four students per family on one submission.
So that our staff may plan for this change, please respond by Wednesday, February 24.  Your response is greatly appreciated so that we have accurate data.
Additional details will be shared in the weeks ahead.
Thank you!
Craig R. Ortiz, Ed.D.
Morris Community High School District 101