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Return to School Plan

Approved August 9, 2021:

Dear MCHS Families,

Last night, the Board approved the attached Plan for the 2021-2022 school year.  This plan is very similar to what I previously sent you, but it was updated to reflect the statewide mask mandate currently in effect for K-12 schools.
Also, we are replacing the daily online COVID check-in form with a one-time online form submission to be completed by parents for each student.  Please click here to access the form, which certifies that parents will check their students each morning for COVID symptoms and keep them home from school if necessary.  Please submit this form before the first day of school.
In addition, we request that you please send a copy of your child's COVID vaccination card, if applicable, to the nurse at [email protected] or deliver a copy to the High School Office as soon as possible.  Having these records in advance will allow her office to quickly identify who does not need to be a close-contact quarantine.  Those who do not submit a copy must be treated as unvaccinated.  We are aware of some students who received a first dose of the vaccine, but never received a second dose.  Please keep in mind that people are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after the second dose in a two-dose series.
ISBE and IDPH released updated guidance yesterday, along with an FAQ document.  These documents may help answer several of your questions.  I know many people are upset about the mask mandate, but while that mandate is in effect, the close-contact quarantine distance is reduced from 6 ft. to 3 ft.  That is a much more attainable distance in our classrooms with everyone back, which should go a long way in keeping students in school this year.
Thank you for your continued patience.  We look forward to welcoming all of our students back to in-person instruction next week!
Craig R. Ortiz, Ed.D.
Morris Community High School District 101