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Welcome to Chemistry with Mrs. Zarley

I'm Mrs. Zarley and I have been teaching in Morris since 1999. I love teaching chemistry because of all the exciting demos and labs that can be utilized to enhance the understanding of chemistry.  Chemistry teaches problem solving and the composition of matter and how it reacts.

Each school year offers new opportunities to expand my teaching and learning.  Chemistry is learned through an inquiry, problem-based, technology embedded classroom. Technology is embedded into the structure of all we do. It’s part of how we research, how we capture information, and how we display our learning.  In chemistry the students use Google classroom, an online textbook, and chromebooks daily. The students work in groups of their choosing. I implement group work and collaboration into the curriculum daily. Collaboration with one’s peers results in greater creativity, improved communication skills, and a greater understanding of the material.  

Please see my syllabus for chemistry class expectations and grading policy.  Please review the expectations and suggestions for success with your son or daughter.

At MCHS, we offer a chemistry class that is geared towards the college bound student and therefore can be challenging.  In order to be successful, students must develop good study skills and work on chemistry daily outside of class. There will be chemistry homework everyday. Some assignments will be written and others will be required reading assignments and/or studying for an assessment. All homework is posted in Google classroom. Please encourage your son or daughter to work on chemistry daily and to get help on any material they find difficult.

I am available for help after school. I truly enjoy helping my students after school. Come see me any day after school. If these times are not suitable and you find tutoring necessary a list of tutors is available through the guidance counselors.

Thank you for your time and cooperation this year.

Best regards,

Mrs. Zarley