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Principal Hussey's Greeting

by Kelly Hussey

Hello Visitors,

There are always more challenges ahead in the field of education!  With the newness of the SAT as our state test behind us, in Illinois our most recent challenges are coming in the form of a new school rating process and a new school funding method.  However, let me put your mind at ease as MCHS continues to use the results of every available data source (both in-house and state driven) to maintain a strong model in support of our own continuous school improvement process for many years. Certainly, it is our hope that both you and your children will never feel any negatives from the challenges we face as a school district. Remember, in order to make our school run at peak level, we do need the support of our parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, administrators, and our entire community.  That way, we are able to create the necessary ongoing two-way communication to maximize all that we do for the youth of our community. As always, it is our school's mission to be a place "...where the goal is to provide each student the opportunity to achieve to his/her fullest potential, academically, personally, and socially."

PowerSchool and our school's NEW website should both be seen as critical connections between teachers and parents. Along with emails and phone contacts, we know that maintaining these communication links will continue to be the keys to the success of our students, your children. So parents, please do not overlook the opportunity to participate in your child's education. You can always check grades and attendance on PowerSchool, keep in contact with your child's teachers through email or available social media sources, and attend parent-teacher conferences and other meetings offered to you by the high school. Research indicates that parent involvement is critical to the success of all children in high school. I sincerely encourage you to get involved and to stay informed. MCHS can be found at or on facebook at MCHS District #101, and on twitter at @MCHSDistrict101. Many of our teachers use your email addresses and google classroom to send out ongoing class information, along with other sites where you can connect. You can expect each of them to send "how-to-link" information home. Along with our website, these new communication links should become your best resources for updates and more timely information. Parents can also find additional information by visiting the "Parent Student Resources" title at the top of our web page.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website today, and that you might choose to come back many times in order to find all of the information we have provided.


Mr. Kelly J. Hussey, Principal
At MCHS, our daily vision is to "Create More and Do Better Everyday!"